Thursday, April 08, 2004

A really cool thing 


Greenwich Park's sky to be turned into RF-driven balloon-art

Rupert sez, "On May 4th, above the Greenwich Meridian in Greenwich Park, London, a cloud of a thousand radio-sensitive glowing balloons will monitor the airwaves and respond by changing colour and brightness. Everyone's invited to bring their mobile phones and make contact with the cloud, which will also listen to atmospheric phenomena and the cackle of the rest of London's radio users." Link (Thanks, Rupert!)


Taken from Boingboing (an excellent site actually). I want to see that!!! What about you?




New blog 

This is my first blog...This seems so cool. Actually, heard blogging since a long time. But now I'll try it for real :=)


So thanks for reading this nonsense. We'll see what it's going to become.


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